Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stay Tuned

I've created another project for myself. After six years, my $60 Ikea dresser is giving up the ghost. It fell apart when we moved, but powered through for a whole other year. There's no saving it this time. So I'm picking up this bed and dresser found on Craigslist tomorrow. My theory with furniture recently has been that if it's made of solid wood, I can do something awesome with it. I've got a couple of ideas for these pieces, but it may take me a while to execute them.

The next few days is packed full of plans, plus I'm still hoping to put the finishing touch on the living room. Silky Snowflake, Beaux Animeaux, and others are playing tonight at Greencup. My understanding is that it's an early show (Beaux Animeaux are supposed to go on around 7). Saturday is the CBHL Rummage Sale from noon to 4 at Bottletree. And on Sunday the Family Band is getting together to do a photo shoot with Breanna. We're a handsome group, so it should be rad. I hope we get some sun because I have some photos of my own to take. It's been much too dreary lately to shoot any of my recent work. Stay tuned, though. I promise it's rad.

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