Friday, February 20, 2009


Michelle Ramin's watercolors!

I love Tennekka's wool buttons. I've got some mustard ones, among others and they are way rad. She also makes them into little pins so you can mod your lapel without breaking out the needle and thread.

thebeside makes some great jewelry, my favorite of which is the Rockwell ring. It replaces a traditional solitaire gem with a chunk of metal. Rad, eh? The one above is sold, but she's still got other versions for sale.



kimberly craven said...

i love the ring! makes you think about what else could replace the diamond.

i see some sort of symbolic statement there

evan said...

Ring Filler:IO (symbol-IC statement)

Feeling-s LEGEND
Input: Unprompted, bundled humorings.
Output: Resentment, mostly-- less than whole skin.

Translation::me:Yeah, but your house is just another place for me to hang my puke.
Means "♥", the symbol, with some residual sentiment.

post FAIL

michela said...

don't take my silence as a sign of anything other than thoroughly amused inability to respond with anything witty.

evan said...

Aww. You made my day, like not seeing squirrels for a year.

(Brain flare: That whole pet retention thing almost escaped me - I had to do battle with like seventy friggin Merfolk before real energies were sapped in one of those danger dances where you level yourself just under the nose to elicit (more) passive aggression, i.e. entertain. Glarg! I'm drowning in meta.)

Perhaps, and I am perhaps-ing, one day I'll leave a germane comment that simply reads:

"Yalp! Bitchin' boots, bud."

I would like that very much. Say, what's this blog about anyway? I mean, can I keep a diary in here?