Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Green Tea Soup

For Christmas Stan and Chiyo sent us a box of foodstuffs from the Japanese market and a Japanese cookbook. I haven't had time to fix many dinners lately, but last night I finally got to try a recipe from siad cookbook that immediately caught my eye. It was awesome and incredibly easy, so you should try it.

Green Tea Soup

In individual bowls place: boiled rice (I used about 1 cooked cup per person)
Top with shredded cooked salmon (one large fillet for two people)
Garnish with white sesame seeds (which we had) and julienned parilla leaves (which we did not). Add hot green tea (or hot broth).
Salt to taste and proceed to get awesome.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting recipe!

lis said...

ooooh. that sound awesome. i'm going to make it tonight.

also, i forgot about your birthday. i'm glad it was awesome! happy belated!