Thursday, February 5, 2009


I really dislike the color of our previous sofa. It was comfortable, cheap, and in good condition. Still, the mossy green chenille is a little too late-90s-Pottery-Barn for my taste. I've been looking for a replacement for a while, but things came to a head after the party on Sunday when the sofa started to do an unpleasant sinking thing on one end. Off to the Salvation Army I went and picked out a sofa that could be either amazing or terrible, and I'm not yet sure which. I might not have looked twice, but I remembered reading a couple of things on design blogs about how ikat was in and seeing some actually decent interiors using it. I think with the right pillows, etc, it might rule. Just give me a few weeks to get it awesome before you start making fun, ok?

While searching for pics of interiors using ikat, I came across something totally unrelated, but kind of wikkid nonetheless: youtube videos showing you how to do a particular hairstyle. Hair has always been a challenge for me, a fact that I rediscovered after growing my hair out from a chelsea a few years ago. I'm not complaining. I'm actually pretty lucky when it comes to hair: naturally black, thick, wavy-to-curly. Some days I do nothing and my hair rocks. The problem is those other days. It's pretty much luck of the draw. If my hair looks stupid, I'm stuck with it. But no more! Youtube to the rescue!! And that is reason 10,108 why I love the internet.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, video makeup tutorials also rule!