Saturday, April 12, 2008

Why Elix's Dad Is the Best Dad Ever

Yay for kitchen gardens! Yay for help building them! Elix's dad came over today to take a look at things and then took us to the store to buy everything we needed for making a raised bed. And then (!!!) he built one for us! We planted tomatoes, squash, and beets with a day lily at each end of the bed. He also tilled another spot for us to put in cantaloupe, but I need to get some more soil before I plant them.

While Elix and I were off getting gardening stuff, Evan taped off the trim in the dining room for painting, which I guess we'll do tomorrow. Yay for Evan, who never complains when I steal his weekends.

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Kate said...

awesome! awesome awesome awesome! if you need gardening advice, my parents have been doing stupid excellent organic gardening since before i was alive. love you!