Saturday, April 5, 2008


I was in the kitchen all day yesterday, but it was totally worth it. We now have enough pasta e fagioli soup to feed all of Southside. I made no-knead bread with rosemary and olive oil by adding 1 tablespoon of fresh rosemary to the dough and drizzling with olive oil during baking (midway through, when you take the lid off). The oil didn't seem to do anything of value, but the rosemary turned out pretty awesomely. Also, strawberries were on sale at Publix, so I made Rodney some shortcake. It occurs to me that pretty much every picture of food so far has involved strawberries. This is merely coincidence. I want to say for the record that I love all berries and find them equally photogenic.

In non-food-related news, we went out to a couple of big thrift stores today. Evan and I scored some sweet vintage suitcases in awesome condition for $4 and $3 respectively. We also picked up some books, dishes, and National Geographics, which Elixabeth is gutting for maps.

I finished my first quilt for Napoleon and am almost done with the second (the orange one above). Just have to finish binding it. Some sweet fabric I got pretty cheaply at Hancock last week should keep me going until I get my tax id and can buy stuff wholesale.

I've been thinking about how to keep track of the fabrics that I use and I think I've decided on scanning. I've only done two fabrics at this point, but I basically just scanned them right where the selvage gives the pattern information. Then I named the file by manufacturer (e.g. Moda) and pattern name. I'll let you know how the system works out/evolves.


evan said...

I was too busy being a wiinus to sample the shortcake. Oh well, what's one more regret under the pillow. Elsewhere: the sagging 'School' entry door, it needs work! After re-assessment of the door (jamb), my hope is that inexpensive hardware should be about all that is required. Unfortunately, Evan sparked in me the nagging fear of water damage?! In true handyman fashion, shall we say Monday-Tuesday'ish. Signing off, the other half of the Evan-Zord

michela said...

Monday-Tuesday'ish sounds good to me. Supposedly the super is sending someone out to deal with the porch roof, so water damage(?!) issues will be resolved shortly.

Oh, hey, do you have a ladder to lend us for (interior) painting purposes?

evan said...

Goodluck with the beadboard souffle. That 'cat urine smell' should pass for High Karate by midsummer.

I could only lend a wonky lil' collapsible step ladder with something like a max three foot lift. Why not rent a 20' tri-fold/ mini-scaffold with lockable rubber feet? Or, if practiced, one or more telescopic roller arms, preferably they that include some kind of pin lock above the roller thread to account for the weight of full/ even torus coats - because no one should paint like a preteen shaves.

Michael Sherer said...

Please call me whenever you cook things like that. Or anything really. I'll eat the shit out of it. Hell, I might even cook something in return.

Lis said...

Dude, I'm so impressed with you and your blogging. I owe you a long and detail e-mail about the goings on in my life... but I think summarizing the madness is just too overwhelming currently!!

Anyway, I want sewing and/or cooking lessons the next time you come home to the Hill.

margaret elizabeth said...

I want a napoleon website.