Wednesday, April 2, 2008

News Stuffs

I dreamt a silly dream in which everyone I've ever known (including myself) was graduating from some big, outerspace university. The ceremonies were extravagant and lengthy. Ralph Nader was supposed to come, but when I asked about him, Michela smirked, "He's over in Deliverance, France, helping out with the frog epidemic." I wondered where "Deliverance" was and why I'd never heard of it. I also wondered whether she might be referring to some kind of biblical catastrophe that I'd likewise not heard of. No time to ask, though, as we were busy hedonistically scarfing down an infinite number of delicious celebratory cupcakes. My sulky ex-boyfriend arrived shortly after, and I began to panic in shame of the cupcake orgy.

For other relevant news subjects, please see the following bullet points:

*I am nearly finished (I think?) with my first ever domestic venture: baby quilt! Even though I'm pretty bored with the fabric at this point, the project itself is still very exciting to me! It seems proof that I am feminine and adult!

*I'm starting to wonder if my reluctance to sleep alone in the dark is at the source of my recent (or recurring) fuzzy sleepyheadedness. For the past few days, I wake up more sleepy than when I went to bed. It feels like gravity is holding onto me in a great, big, loving bear hug. I still haven't slept without the light on in my new room. I don't even mean a night-light or a closet light. I specifically mean the main overhead (maximum brightness) light. For this, I feel both embarrassed and guilty.
Michael mentioned, however, that it might be due to seasonal allergies.
This brings me to the next news bulletin:

*The Brain Age doctor has been sneezing relentlessly for about the same amount of time that I've been feeling fuzzy. I admit I was a little miffed that he didn't express much joy when I finally opened up the DS to see him after a lengthy period of unexplained absence. Michela insists he said he missed me, but he didn't express any of this to me! Nevertheless, I can't help but worry when he's sneezing and complaining of discomfort every time I turn on the game. I tried googling the case, but to no avail. I came up equally empty-handed when I tried to find out why his glasses are always getting dirty. Dr. Kawashima seems to be a mysterious character, indeed. If anyone has any information, please share.

*Another thing that seems worthy of mention is the fact that we've been enjoying a considerable amount of family TV time. After a brief hesitation, I succumbed entirely to the first season of "Veronica Mars." The first season of "Alias" seems to be the natural progression of things, but I have to admit that I'm not sold, so far.

*The offensive stink is nearly gone from my closet. For this, I am so happy!