Friday, April 18, 2008

The Newspaper Is Depressing

Of course the paper has always been depressing to a greater or lesser extent, but these are the things that I've read about today:

– Nalgene bottles, among other things, contain a chemical that caused precancerous tumors, urinary tract problems, and early puberty in lab rats.

– Mark Bittman's writes about Coca-Cola and India in his April 16th blog post. Probably I could have found a million other reasons to boycott Coke, but I've never really wanted one. My grandfather was once an employee of the Coca-Cola Company and instilled in me a deep love of the beverage. Now this is staring me in the face. Good-bye, Coke Zero.

– Both Citigroup and AT&T are set to lay off loads of people (9,000 and 4,600 respectively)

– And then there's this article about underage pregnancy in a polygamous sect

Just yesterday Evan and I were saying that we should get our NY Times subscription going again. I may, however, prefer to remain ignorant.


jason said...

I never keep up with news items, and I feel I'm much happier that way. I don't believe the claim that it's better to be well informed for a number of reasons that I don't care to go over here.

evan said...

A) Trust THE ONION to properly diffuse unwanted news.

B) Use a newsgroup archive to read year old reports, potentially eliminating dated distress.

C) Read only THE WALLSTREET JOURNAL and/or THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION blog-a-zettes (no!). their distorted world views are jaw dropping but not heart-rending.

D) Sit on your hands and listen to the late Zen master, ODB.

"If I got a problem, a problems got a problem til it's gone."

"...god made dirt and dirt bust yo ass."