Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pencils and Picks

Oh man oh man oh man! (Mama) Laura's having a story published in a fancy pants literary magazine! Hell yeah. I haven't known Laura very long, but we're all so awesomely happy for her and look forward to more great things. In fact, she's already ruling musically as the matriarch of The Red Mountain Family Band, in which I play washboard (!!!). Our first show is on June 1st at the Cigar Box fundraiser and it's gonna be freaking rad.

Yeah, I'm in a band, which I never thought I would be because I have no musical inclination. But George, who has the utmost confidence in all of his friends, convinced me to come to practice and put a washboard in my hands. It's a lot of fun, and even though I can't write a base line or even understand the phrase chord progression, I feel useful, so yay.

Anyway, I have a lot of cooking to do so stop distracting me. Jerk.


Cathy Roden-Jones said...

McSweeney's?? yay!! What is the article about?

You playing washboard? Double yay!! Start watching old videos of The Darlings on youtube for pointers.

I have started a blog too--

Please tell Elix that I am going to start a french class in a month and that I have tapped her as my honorary by text and email tres magnifique tutor extraordinaire (if she accepts).

michela said...

I haven't read the piece yet. I just know it's a short story that's not humor.

I'm jealous that you're taking French! Elix is going to start teaching me soon, but you wouldn't believe how busy shit is down here. Every night there's something to do.

jordan said...

Once you get your washboard legs, it is clearly your destiny to move on & up to mastery of the musical saw. You play it with a bow, and lest you think I'm joking I will tell you that the saw is radical and haunting at the same time. Just like you.