Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tiny Soft Things to Love

Meet Milton and Puddle. They are the cutestsweetestsoftest. This is about as big as they get–double cute, right? However, their freaking wheel is keeping the whole house up at night with its unbelievable loudness, so the goal is to find a truly silent wheel.

The Stitch Spectacular show opened on Friday! I can't wait to see pictures of all the other work. The bits and pieces I've seen so far have been amazing.

I've now had one period of each one of my classes for the semester. Pretty much what I expected. Should be about the same as last semester in terms of workload, stress, etc. Thanks to the power of the R4 card, though, I can at least pretend to study via video game by playing My French Coach on DS.

I loved the new banner so much that I actually made a papercut of the school emblem and framed it. In other news of procrastination, I've made many more embroidered cards than I will ever need/use, and I've decided to try to learn calligraphy (an effort that proved futile and boring in past attempts at ages 9, 11, and 13).

Jessica and I are attempting to create a work-out schedule for the semester. This is especially timely because I've made a bet/pact with Evan involving each of us getting more buff by the middle of April. If only one of us succeeds, it works like a normal bet in terms of winning/losing something of value. If we both fail, each of us gives up something we love for one month. If we both succeed, we treat ourselves to something we wouldn't normally spend money on. Unfortunately since the inception of this agreement on Friday night, Theresa brought home pizza for dinner, I used Taco Bell to cure a hangover, and Devon made bacon brownies (yes, that's right. Brownies with pieces of bacon in them).

Speaking of Devon, her new boy, Will, washed our dishes. I consider this a vast improvement over the one who brought over two bottles of liquor, a bottle of wine, and a twelve-pack the first time we met him. We're on the right track.


Anonymous said...

omg. Freakin cute!

evan said...

You should engineer a Milton-Puddle Dynamo, less techy than pulling copper from church hotting/cooling systems, I'm sure.

(I just Krystal-ized my insides, further proof that I need help policing my mouth.)(☺)

Anonymous said...

hey i wanna work out! lemme in yo gym. it's only $7 for a guest so let's do some aerobics or hip hop class or something.

i have my spanish coach and i am about half way!

michela said...

yeah, girl. You tell me when you want to go. I have to pick Evan up at 5 errryday, but after that I'm good.

bainite said...

I think it was a case of Beast in addition to a bottle of Southern Comfort, a bottle of Jagermeister, two bottles of wine (one white, one red), a sixer of something sugary (Mikes, Zima, etc.), and a bottle of vodka(?)

michela said...