Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holiday Project: Aviatrix Bunnies

Here are some of the bunnies I made as Christmas presents for the kids in Evan's family. They're so adorable it was hard to send them off to their new homes. They're handmade from the bunny pattern I won a few months ago from Wee Wonderfuls.


evan said...

One multiple is minus like additions, i.e. goggles and a scarf. But any further puns that may satisfy the matter, say in reference to flying colors, hastily pairing chromatic sections that is, and running short of (felt) strips, ought to be grounded.

People don't need sleep, right. So intsead my wry brain made the following associations:

•Charlie - a bunny with two broken-pattern genes which result in a minimally patterned rabbit. // Snoopy vs. The Red Baron (Snoopy's Christmas) // Peanut - a bunny with two dwarf genes, which is a fatal combination.

•(Michaela)Maxwell - the cgs unit of magnetic flux. // Flux - To flow; stream. // Watership Down -- Which would make you Frith, creator of the rabbits.

Word associations from here on out get weird, to say the least, so I'll not continue.

As a (1/2)sister once put it to me in a child's thank you note, "hoppity bye bye."

Anonymous said...

i tore the goggles :( (my first use of emoticons!)(☺)


michela said...

I made new ones. These weren't quit the finished product when I photographed them.