Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bite-sized Project: Embroidered Cards

Here are some of the embroidered cards I've been making. They're a little addictive. I think the appeal lies in the instant gratification provided by such a quick project. More colors and messages coming soon. (Must give credit where credit is due. Cards inspired by the talented kiwipunch.)

Other tidbits:

- Jello Snack Cups with Antioxidents? (tastes mildly like cough syrup)

- I'm relatively certain Evan has not finished a book since we've been together. That's not a judgement, so much as me noting an apparent condemnation of every book I've recommended.

- My life has improved by 10% since Picasa came out for Macs.

- Another program (I think it's freeware?) that I've been digging is Schoolhouse, which keeps all of your class assignments and notes organized.

- Last night I started playing a DS game called Soul Bubbles in which you are a "Soul Herder" in training. It is your duty to pick up souls (and star dust) with your protective bubbles and blow them towards their destination. Weird? Yes. Adorable? Definitely.


james said...

that game is awesome... I heard about it from this:

the brain machine said...

wind up bird chronicle
harry potter and the half-blood prince
harry potter and the deathly hallows
the simple art of murder
the golden compass
the subtle knife
the glass key
the dain curse
the thin man
refusing heaven
la grammaire est une chanson douce
best non-requred reading 2007
inside the amateur's mind

the time traveller's wife
amber spyglass
the adventures of cavalier and clay
tristram shandy


michela said...

I have only seen you holding these books. I have no proof that you actually read them. Except Harry Potter. I'll grant you those.

michela said...

Thx, James. I'm gonna check out some of those other games on the list. Hey, wait a second...I thought Stefanie didn't let you play video games.

evan said...

reading the tristram shandy stuff is surely more entertaining than drinking with different spheres (of folks), knowing that of the forty strong only about five of'em will ever consistently (and intentionally) match any one perception in casual conversation...while explaining to some bellicose little fat man that you're into that whole tristram shandy thing right now.