Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Longest Post

This no photos thing is really cramping my style. I don't like to post without an image to share, because, well, it's boring. And the whole point is supposed to be sharing antics and projects, and I can't share projects without photos. Not that I've got any projects going. I've spent all of my winter break being social and merry. After Christmas in Chapel Hill, I came home for Wedding Expo 2008 and had a hell of a good time. I met some new people, caught up with some folks I don't see too often, and made merry in style with my friends. Yes, I wound up with badly bruised legs after a run-in with a drainage ditch, but I had an absolute blast.

Jacob came into town and Evans, Melissa, Jacob, and I got ridiculous for a couple of nights. Then it was off to Pickens for the annual New Years festivities. Pork was eaten, fires were built, sparklers were lit. Daniel, et al, made an amazing flaming "labyrinth" that I could describe, but it wouldn't do it justice. Little fires glowing everywhere, though. Beautiful.

Jacob, Joy, Evan, and I (among others) broed down until the wee hours, and when I went to bed I didn't even have to sleep on the floor. When I woke up the first time, Joy provided me with much-needed advil. When I woke up the second time, she turned to me sleepily and said, "I dreamt of us."

I'm getting back into comic books, trying to catch up on the haps in the Marvel universe and reading some stuff that I never got into before. It's fun, but I can see throwing a lot of money at this form of entertainment, which I'm not all that stoked on. I've also been hand-embroidering some cards, and doing other small projects, just gearing up for the beginning of the semester. It's hard to regret not getting more done when everything's been so great.

Oh, I almost forgot! Evan got me two Chinese dwarf hamsters for Christmas, Milton and Puddle. They're pretty much the cutest things ever in the whole world. I've never been that into hamsters, but I defy you to not lovelovelove them. Pocket creatures!


Anonymous said...

last night i dreampt evan was dying, but we all had to go to a christmas party so we couldn't stay with him as he died. he was in a room with all these other sick people. one man was going to be staying with his sick relative. i gave the man a candle and asked him to light another candle for evan when the one he was currently using went out so evan wouldn't have to die in the dark. i turned to evan, who was playing nintendo ds, and gave him a hug and said "i'm so sorry" and we left.

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