Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tags and Boxes

I finally did some practical research yesterday. I looked at wholesale sources for batting, printers for hang tags, and label manufacturers. It's so involved. Of course I've been thinking about all of this already, so I've got a pretty good idea of my direction, but the options are infinite.

I contacted a local letterpress about doing my hang tags. I like the idea of working locally when I can, and I think the tags will give the quilts a nice feel. Plus putting the design of that sort of thing in someone else's hands will be great. The pieces on their website are beautifully designed and printed, so I feel confident that I'll love the end result.

I have all sorts of other business-related things to do–paperwork to file, bank accounts to open, etc. But there's so much moving-related stuff, too. I need to pack up Evan's room today and mine tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure we don't even have enough boxes. But the all the plans are made from car loans to internet installation appointments. Two more days!!!


Kate said...

hooray! get here!

Cathy Roden-Jones said...

oh i'm tearing up. please go to magic city art connection this year and craft with the kids. it's heartwarming, even when they cuss at you.

michela said...

Oh, Cathy! I'm so sad to leave you! But I'll try to get up the courage to be cussed at by children.