Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dishpan Hands

The worst part about baking a lot is that not all your dishes can go in the dishwasher. Fortunately, having awesome baked goods around makes up for it. I tried a cinnamon raisin variation of the no-knead bread recipe yesterday. It came out pretty well, but the raisins on the top were singed and I think it's a little heavy. I usually make my no-knead bread using 1 1/2 C all-purpose, unbleached flour and the same of whole wheat flour. By the time I stopped to think that combo might not be appropriate for this recipe it was too late. I think I'll use at least 2/3 all-purpose next time.

One of the things that's proving awesome about Birmingham is that our friends just stop by pretty much whenever. And sometimes, apparently, they make pies. One of the two sour cream apple pies from last night is still in the kitchen, but the first one disappeared pretty quickly.

Anyway, I've gotten a lot done in the last couple of days. The car situation is sorted out. I bought and assembled my cutting table, so my studio is coming together. We got some much-needed furniture from thrift stores, and I framed some things for the walls. Today I've got to do some last bits of house-related stuff, including making curtains for the front door. As it stands, everyone in the neighborhood can see us playing weird spastic games in the foyer. They probably think we're a bizarre cult. I would.

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