Thursday, March 6, 2008

9 days till spring term

It's nine days until we arrive in Birmingham and even though that's all I think about, I can't really imagine how it's going to be. Instead I'm picturing some sort of twisted Jo's Boys scenario where I bake bread, make fresh tofu, grow our vegetables, and quilt all day long.

To that end I have been tirelessly researching soymilk machines, no-knead bread, and raised bed gardening. Our pots and pans have arrived–so has the silverplate flatware I ebayed so when we have dinner parties (?!) we don't run out of forks. I've scanned and rescanned craigslist, ikea, overstock, etc. for every manner of houseware, down to the bin in which I plan to store our 50 lbs of soybeans.

I also made a trip to The City Quilter to pick up some fabric. I suppose I'll give myself a few days to set up the house (and studio!!) and then start making some sample quilts. The first task is to figure out how long, working my fastest, it will take to make one (or five, or whatever). And when my days of quilting are over, we'll sit around drinking tea and reading Scientific American or listening to a This American Life podcast. Probably someone will play the fiddle.

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margaret elizabeth said...

I want a ban to hold 90 lbs of soybeans and then I want 90 lbs of soybeans and then I want a soymilk maker.