Tuesday, April 14, 2009


  • New washboard. Rodney's disintegrated into a pile of wood and string and scrap metal. But check this baby out! She's beautiful.
  • New veggie plants in the garden. I even splurged and bought a raspberry bush.
  • New Pillow Monsters. Sooooo cute!
  • New quilts in the shop. Finally took photos of the ones that are finished, and here is a WIP. It's for a friend, but there will eventually be some in the shop, too.
  • New RMFB photos. We did the shoot, finally. The location was awesome and I love Bre's photography so I'm totally stoked to see the final result.
Beaux Animeaux is playing tonight at Greencup with Brass Bed and Imaginary Planes. RMFB has a show May 1st at Safari Cup. More details to come.

Joy's birthday party was Sat. It was rad, but I strongly advise that no one ever try two simultaneous pinatas ever again. I thought Joy was going to die. The cake was wikkid awesome and rainbow like the one I've totally been wanting to make forever. Now I extra want to make one because it's so much fun inside!!! And of course Hank Lazard and crew were hilarious. I think everyone has a new appreciation for "Woolly Bully."


Anonymous said...

I am so happy u had so much fun! I know I did! (: It was so great to see you lot. When is all your stress/busy school time gonna be done? I want you to come over.

michela said...

I think my papers are due next week, but after that everything will be easy and happy and warm and wonderful!!!