Saturday, September 13, 2008


I finally got in gear and started yoga at Yoga Circle this week. I took a hot class (96˚ or so) on Wed. and a hatha class yesterday. The hot class almost made me pass out. I haven't done one since C. Love's classes in San Francisco, and I forgot how sweaty it is. The hatha class was great, but I'm definitely feeling it all over today. Usually there are a lot of beginners in hatha classes, while other people move on to vinyasa, and I've never really understood why. Maybe I've been extra slow getting out of the beginner stage, but I still find it really challenging and helpful. I've always hated cardio, though, which may be why vinyasa doesn't appeal to me very much.

Aside from being sore, I'm having a slew of other aches and pains. My shoulders and neck are so tense that I've been getting mild but consistent headaches for about two weeks now. I'm getting myself checked out on Monday, because I've also been incredibly tired no matter how much sleep I get. Stress? The slow downward spiral of aging? Brain cloud? We shall see.

In better news, I've gotten some work done over the last couple of weeks. Finished six new pillows, which I'm photographing and putting on Etsy sometime today. I've also (guiltily) cut most of the pieces for a pieced quilt for myself. Can you believe I've only made myself one quilt ever? And the black and red with skulls and spiderwebs thing doesn't really suit me anymore. So I'm doing a turquoise and white pinwheel quilt after seeing this amazing quilt on Etsy. I love the orange and white, but it wouldn't have matched much in the house.

I never updated you on the Brother sewing machine I got, so I'll give it to you briefly. Terrible. F. I had to send it back. The plate over the bobbin just slides off if you even breath on it. So I'm ordering a relatively cheap Janome (3022), which I hope will give me less trouble. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Theresa and I got up early this morning and hit a little estate/yard sale. Got a couple of sweet things, including a small bust of Robert E. Lee, and a tin of old sewing supplies. Oh! and I won a pattern card for the most adorable sew-by-hand stuffed rabbit from Wee Wonderfuls. Cutest thing ever. Seriously. Kind of makes up for the headaches and the rest.


james f said...

vinyasa sucks, I am not arguing that with you!

evan said...

nausea? night sweats?

michela said...

no more than usual…which is not at all. Does that mean I don't have whatever horrible illness you were imagining for me?

evan said...

looks that way. a positive reply would have given you a window of 3 to tens of twenties of days to live. i'm no medical broker but i can tell you that batch bloodwork and a thyroid check-up will widdle away 45 sundays otherwise spent in a waiting room. that is if emergencies ever occur on a sunday.

evan said...

are you dead yet? type a? theresa? she a svengali, a bruiser, breaker, screamer or an unbalanced battery of hatred?

no one exists at 4:42 a.m._.