Thursday, December 18, 2008

Observations, Part 2

Technology is conspiring to prevent me from ever posting another photo on this blog. The good news, though, is that Apple replaced my hard-drive and now she's back to running like a dream.

Red Mountain Family Band had a great practice earlier this week. I scored Evan some brushes for his drums and he tuned the kick, so everything sounds great. I'm really looking forward to playing on New Year's Eve. Hopefully we'll be able to get to work on some new songs now that the line-up has coalesced.

Matt arrived today and is staying with us on and off until he gets settled in Birmingham. All of Alabama's children are returning. Should be fun times around here.

I'm cranking on some hand-made gifts for the young folks in Evan's family, and trying not to get sucked into Eclipse, which I decided to buy and read, even though I skipped it initially. Oh, and through an annoying mistake I have an extra copy of Breaking Dawn if anyone wants it. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you should probably keep it that way.

I'm really digging on the idea of girlfriends these days. I've been having so much fun with all of the wonderful ladies of Birmingham and it really rocks. So, stay awesome, chicas.

Google Reader has got me stoked, too. Now that I've finally started sharing stuff, it's pretty fun. And it's sweet to see what other people are into, too.


Anonymous said...

I really love that you gave a call out to all the ladies!
And i really like being called "chica".

Ohay, Iay ouldway ikelay otay orrowbay eakingBray awnDay ( is that 2nd book?).


michela said...

OMG, yes, but that's not the second one. You can borrow that too. Come over and get it, if you're man enough! (I don't know what that was supposed to mean.) Oh, but warn me so I can get your Christmas present ready. Tonight, perhaps?

Joy said...

Yeah! I like you guys (girls)! It is a radical thing.

evan said...

I had a second Fourth Meal (and my body wants answers).

michela said...

I know you're afraid of hurting it, but it may be time to be honest with your body. "Self," you'll say, "it's not that I don't love you, but there's someone else. I know if I knew what was good for me I'd tell that someone to get out of my life, but another part of me wants to chance to *live* even if it's worse for me in the end."

evan said...

I see where this is going, and would like to thank you for the meta-metaphor-pun sandwich, but it might be easier for me to eat my 7-Layer Burrito from both ends.