Thursday, October 2, 2008

J'aime le Cinéma

My new obsession is the actor Tadanobu Asano. You may know him from Ichi the Killer. I loved him as the star of Sharkskin Man and Peachhip Girl when I saw it several years ago. This week while Evan was away, I watched The Taste of Tea written and directed by the same guy as SMPG. Tadanobu Asano has a part in this ensemble movie as well, and he's great. So I just did a quick Netflix search and added several of Asano's movies to my queue. Unfortunately, the release date for Tokyo Zombie is unknown, but it sounds freaking rad.

And while we're on the topic of movies, Evan and I saw three last Saturday at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival (I could live with a shorter name for the event...Sidewalk Film Fest, anyone?). The first, Rock-afire Explosion, is a documentary about the animatronic band of the same name from Showbiz Pizza, and its enduring importance in the lives of some fans. The folks in the film were really endearing, and it made the movie.

The last thing we saw was something called Pop Skull. It was visually and aurally jarring and made me grumpy. A wanktastic exercise in filmmaking. 

My favorite was the second film we saw. Let the Right One In is a Swedish (?) movie about two pre-teens and their relationship. Throw in some gore and you've got a pretty wikkid movie. A+. According to Kyle, J.J. "Countless Wasted Hours of Your Life" Abrams is remaking this one for Hollywood. You should do your best to see the Swedish version before it gets ruinated.

** Update: Apparently I was mistaken about the J.J. Abrams thing. Kyle actually said that theother guy responsible for Cloverfield was remaking Let the Right One In. Either way, though, right?

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