Thursday, August 14, 2008

The body politik.

I'm supposed to be educating you all on random walks and logic trees, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find the perfect Batman script to do it with (or any Batman script, for that matter). That sentence could be a bit confusing without the proper context, but since my critics want me to be a little less Mo and a little more PoMo, I think I'll keep it that way. Anyway, for those of you interested in discussing the wonders of probability theory--and American history--we'll be taking a trip next Saturday to the Alabama Theatre for a screening of National Treasure. Question and answer period to follow. Boozing period to follow question and answer period.

Other things of unnote:

> Recycling used to be a chore that I really enjoyed. On a Sunday morning, I would take my time flattening all the cardboard and putting all the bottles and cans in the car. I would drive down to the center with the windows down listening to one of the old hippie Tyrannosaurus Rex albums (Beard of Stars is my favorite), unload all the junk (someone's treasure) into giant bins and hang out with the homeless men who operate the place for a little while. Unfortunately, post-party recycling is not so pleasant. It's as if someone filled a kiddie pool with about an inch of beer traversed by little cockroach boats, let it sit in the sun for about nine hours, then dipped washcloths in it and started slapping me all over my body with them. Plus, some hippie guy replaced my friends at the center. I guess it's good that he probably won't constantly ask me for money, but I'd give the other guys twice what they wanted to not have to see granodouche in his cargo shorts again.

> My band, The Beaux Animaux, will be playing at the Cigar Box event at Bottletree on August 31st. If you come, you can not only hear some awesome music, but you can sign a petition because

> I'm going to run for mayor!

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margaret elizabeth said...

oh... my... god...
are you serious?! this is brilliant!