Sunday, June 29, 2008


I photographed my quilts last week. Things were not as easy as I was expecting. First I had to build some very low-tech light stands out of 2x4s and shelf brackets. I've had the materials for weeks, but only just got down to putting these together. Then I clipped on cheap reflector lights and screwed in some very expensive daylight bulbs. I threw together a backdrop by cutting a black bed sheet to size and sewing a rod pocket on top and bottom. Each pocket got a curtain rod. The top rod slides into to screw hooks mounted into the wall in the hallway. The bottom rod is for weight to keep the sheet flat. This is where the stupidity begins. I pinned the first quilt to the backdrop, positioned my lights, and set up my tripod. Then my camera battery ran out. After recharging, I tried again. I took the first few photos and realized that 1) the lights weren't evenly flooding the quilt, and 2) photographing a whole-cloth quilt this way, unless you're trying to show of some really amazing stitching, is really stupid.

Plan B was to take photos of the quilts on my work table, a nice white surface. I set up my lights and got to shooting. As you can see from the thumbnails above, things turned out okay, but the photos are short of spectacular. These are going on my site, so I really wanted them to be good, but alas, I am no photo stylist. So if any of you are, and are aching to do some product shots for your portfolio, I'll do you a favor and let you redo the photos of my quilts. Otherwise, this is as good as it's gonna get.

Also in the news this week:
• One of our boarders will be leaving the Rowe School, so there is a vacancy. Anyone wishing to be considered for the big loft bedroom, please apply in writing or in person.
• The squash 100% died.
• I realized that my flight back from NY arrives in Birmingham 18 hours before my best friends wedding, which is an 11 hour drive from here, so I'm going to have to change the ticket.
• Monstercard scanning has begun.
Tastespotting is back!


evan said...

whoa! authorship has sure gone to someone's head. am i not privileged to chime in with fellow dribblers, or should i first insert my formal corn cob?

michela said...

I thought you were spam. :(

Lis said...

1) Quilts look amazing

2) HALLELUJAH for tastespotting!

3) My garden is just about the most overwhelming thing I've ever tried. I feel incapable of keeping up with the watering, weeding, feeding, deadheading, mulching and pruning. There's just so much. My tomatoes are doing pretty well, although my strawberries are at the end of their season. Unfortunately, I grew to hate them when they literally tried to steal all of my garden space; I had to choose between the lives of scrumptious strawberries and my roses. How effed in the a is that? My squash simply never grew and but the raspberries are starting to form! My herbs are thriving except for the thieving squirrel that LITERALLY stole my entire thai basil plant. Fucker.

Jacob said...

when can i buy one?

michela said...

Oh, you know, whenever, I guess. Why? You got a bun in the oven?

Jacob said...

they're only for babies? or are they only baby-sized? i was planning on using it for warmth.

michela said...

Yup, only baby sized. I'd consider a commission, but I don't think you'd like the price.

Jacob said...

well, i'd assumed that it would be a commissioned work. and just try me on the price - maybe you'll be surprised. if you'd rather not say in this forum, just email me. and speaking of commissions, i was also wondering if you were still available for t-shirts, design tbd.

Anonymous said...

laughably transparent.