Sunday, May 4, 2008


A pretty low-key weekend. Melissa brought over some awesome white wine on Friday night and we hung out at the house. On Saturday Dr. Jason hosted a Kentucky Derby party, which included many games of horseshoes (check out the double full lean above), mint juleps, and a gigantic cheese ball. Today was Family Band practice. We've got most of our songs down pretty well and just need to remember how we're doing things from one practice to the next. I'm going to finish up the day by making soup and then settling in for some Veronica Mars.

Elix brought me this bread cookbook everyone's talking about, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. I made my first batch of dough Friday night (I used the Light Whole Wheat recipe) and baked a loaf on Saturday morning. It's as easy as the no-knead recipe from Mark Bittman's column, takes less time, and seems to have infinite variations. There are recipes for everything from panettone to classic white bread and all of them require a minimum of effort. You bake straight on a baking stone or cookie sheet (occasionally in a loaf pan). It takes whatever shape you give it, so I can make a regular boule, pita bread, or a baguette all from the same recipe and without any special equipment. Also, with this method you make enough dough for four or eight loaves at once. The rest of the dough keeps in the fridge for up to two weeks. So, no more good intentions and failed follow-through when it comes to bread baking. Evan doesn't like it as well as the other recipe, but I think it's fine.

The Cigar Box buttons came yesterday. Even though I checked the colors with my Pantone swatches, the gold on cigar band button came out way too green. It's a little disappointing, but overall they look nice. I'll post pictures soon. Next up Red Mountain Family Band logo.


the brain machine said...

I think the new bread is fine, too, my little Cholula. I just don't think it's quite as fine as the old bread.

The jury's out, though. And by "jury" I mean "my own mouth, frozen agape, waiting droolingly for fresh bread."

evan said...

I read the post and 'thoughted' two simple but striking logos, one a variation on the other as I like to waffle. It then dawned on me that you and your musically integrated kinfolk may have whiled away a snafu-ed practice session volleying proposals. Should I resign to the fact that one or more persons may vaginally short-circuit were I to pitch my 0.0130 of a Euro?

michela said...

By all means, suggest away.

evan said...

Wth(ey)! I was thinking of porch swing specs that read in sequence (the) "red mountain family band" instead of, say carpenter lingo. I also thought to do away with the obvious RED MOUNTAIN by using a kind of red? tracer to serve as a topographical suggestion.

And if that isn't up to snuff, I have a coupla' Brother Finch [my one man "secret" "society" for dude(s) into finches - or 'hoppity' birds if you like - and their many avian secrets ] ideas to boot.

evan said...

P.S. I have advanced emotional 'presets' that lie in the face of my affinity for petshop throw-aways, savage punctuation and frequent use of the "P.S. maneuver" to manufacture some semblance of future cohesion.